Take On Me, Pages 11-12

Continuing with “Take On Me, Part 1″ (the first of the Sheldon the Mighty stories), Sheldon may finally get his chance to learn the martial arts.

Take on Me, page 11

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Take On Me, Pages 9-10

Continuing the very first story of Sheldon the Mighty, we see who those two guys are that Sheldon has encountered.

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Take On Me, Pages 7-8

When we last left Sheldon, he found the local karate dojo was quite pricey.

Take On Me, Page 7

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Take On Me, Pages 5-6

I have more pages of the very first “Sheldon the Mighty” story – Take On Me, Part 1.

Take On Me, page 5

This is pretty much the story of Sheldon’s life.  Sheldon is largely perceived as a coward and a weakling.  Rather than run away or give in, he always fought back against the many bullies that attacked him.  He has lacked the means to fight back.   Read the rest of this entry »

Take On Me, Pages 3-4

Picking up from where we left off last time, the next pages of “Take On Me, Part 1″ – the debut story of Sheldon the Mighty!   Read the rest of this entry »

Take On Me, Pages 1-2

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the first story starring Sheldon Gillis.


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Sheldon The Mighty Continued

I’d like to talk some more about the protagonist of my mini-series, Sheldon Gillis.

Sheldon in wrestling stance

“Sheldon in wrestling stance”, Pen & design marker on paper, 8.5×11 inches

Sheldon Gillis is 14 years old and lives in the town of Flatlands in North Dakota. He was born to Marianne Gillis, who gave birth to him while still in high school. For many years, Sheldon has been bullied for unknown reasons. Sheldon always tried to fight back, but was physically overpowered. Things change though when his uncle Jack (Marianne’s older brother) returns after a 15-year trip to Japan, bringing back him with knowledge of the Japanese martial art of aikijutsu. From here on, Sheldon undergoes training to learn this style, the unarmed fighting style of the samurai.

As you can see in the above picture, Sheldon wears a gi of red and black tied with a white belt during his training. Most of his training involves practicing the techniques with his uncle, but also physical conditioning.

Sheldon evolved quite a bit. When I originally conceived his personality, he was quite reckless and impulsive. This original personality was based on Bert Raccoon from the 1980s TV show, the Raccoons. However, this clashed during the writing of the scripts. I wanted Sheldon to be targeted for no reason at all; someone always talking and acting recklessly would definitely attract the wrong attention. So I changed him into something more like the movie characters played by Bruce Lee.

So what does that mean? Sheldon is not someone who goes looking for trouble. I wanted his opponents to be the instigators; they are the ones who start the fights and basically Sheldon ends up fighting when he has no other choice.

I’ll have a page or two up in the next few days of Sheldon’s adventures.


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