Judy the Belly Dancer

This secondary satellite blog of mine is intended to showcase my miscellaneous works and comics.  So what will go up here?  One of the ideas I’ve been toying with for awhile now is to do drawings of belly dancers.  I’ve always had a fascination for the movements and, of course, the beauty of female belly dancers.  It’s not at all uncommon in the field of art.  The French pastellist Edgar Degas frequently used ballet dancers as a motif in his own work and yet another Frenchman, Eugene Delacroix, made some trips to North Africa where he did drawings and paintings of belly dancers.

Anyway, my goal is to put out my own art book containing a collection of illustrations and a couple of comics, both done in pen-and-ink as well as painted gouache art, about a belly dancer.  So what sort of dancer will be appearing in this book?  Since anthropomorphic animals are my area of expertise, the character I hope to feature in this art book is an anthropomorphic cartoon female bear I’ve simply called “Judy”. 

Judy Concept 1

Judy is not simply eye candy – she was influence by pin-up girls.  In fact, I’ve decided that there are two aims to this belly dancer art book I want to put out.  The first is to improve my skills with perpsective, line, color, and of course, the figure.  The second is I’d like to showcase my art to the world, particularly the take on both the belly dancer and the pin-up girl.

Judy, in my mind, is a living, breathing character – sort of like the characters in my comics series, Sunnyville Stories.  I’m even developing a backstory for her to make this lady seem like she’s real.  These conceptual sketches are meant to convey my ideas to you out there reading this.  I will continue to develop this idea and tweak the design a bit.

Judy Concept 2

I hope to have some more information up in the future and I’d appreciate it if you’d sign up for email updates or updates through RSS.  Any comments and feedback would be appreciated.

Until next time, I’ll have some more art up.

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