More Judy drawings

Wilkommen, friends.  Today, I have a few more sketches of my cartoon female bear belly dancer, Judy Binder.  I plan to make her the subject of an art book of pen-and-ink drawings (and perhaps a few paintings).  Shall we meet her? Judy Binder

This pretty lady here is Judy Binder, a professional belly dancer of mixed Turkish-American blood.  Her father was an American and her mom was Turkish.  Her mom taught her from a young age how to belly dance and she became one of the best.  Judy currently resides in Turkey, dancing in various clubs and at private functions.  She likes to travel though and makes occasional trips to France and Italy.  Judy’s main desire is to enjoy herself and she does that by dancing.  Even if she dances for others, she will always dance for herself. Read the rest of this entry »


Paul Klee video

One of my artistic influences was the Expressionist painter Paul Klee (1879-1940).  I love his simple artwork and his use of lines.  In fact, here’s a neat video from YouTube that showcases some of his pieces.

(Thanks to arwen987 for putting it together!)

Pure genius…what more can I say?

Watercolor and graphite landscape

I just thought I’d share another one of my early landscapes here.  This one is a simple landscape, done with watercolor paints and a graphite stick.

Trees No. 1

I’ve since abandoned watercolor paints.  My most used media is pen-and-ink and when it comes to water-soluble paints, I use either gouache or acrylic.

Do any of you out there draw or paint landscapes?  What do you use to create your work?

Another landscape drawing

Hello, friends.  I thought I’d post up another one of my landscape drawings, this one drawn in pen-and-ink. Read the rest of this entry »

Sample landscapes

I also do sketches of landscapes.  My work could actually stand on its own as a good landscape drawing.  Usually, I use these for studies – usually for other works, especially my comics series Sunnyville Stories.  Let me show you one of the drawings I did.  Read the rest of this entry »

Life drawing samples

Life drawing (and the practice thereof) is an important part of any artist’s training, be you a novice or a seasoned pro.  It’s also a must, regardless what you draw.  Be it superheroes, photorealistic portraits, landscapes, comics, abstract painting, etc. – you must learn how to draw people from life.  I’ve had a few life drawing classes myself and I learned a few things.  One of my classes was an interesting one at the School of Visual Arts.  It was a course available in continuing education called “Drawing the Clothed Model” and was run by an illustrator named John Ruggeri.  I learned a lot from him and one of them was seeing lines in conjunction with negative and positive space.  That’s behind some of my life drawings here.

Life Drawing 001

Green chalk on newsprint

My goal here in my drawings for practice were to render the subject using not only shapes but both positive and negative spaces.  I did okay with it here…though I am out of practice.  I plan to talk more about negative space in a future post.  A detailed explanation of the theories behind negative space can be found in The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Dr. Betty Edwards. Read the rest of this entry »