Life drawing samples

Life drawing (and the practice thereof) is an important part of any artist’s training, be you a novice or a seasoned pro.  It’s also a must, regardless what you draw.  Be it superheroes, photorealistic portraits, landscapes, comics, abstract painting, etc. – you must learn how to draw people from life.  I’ve had a few life drawing classes myself and I learned a few things.  One of my classes was an interesting one at the School of Visual Arts.  It was a course available in continuing education called “Drawing the Clothed Model” and was run by an illustrator named John Ruggeri.  I learned a lot from him and one of them was seeing lines in conjunction with negative and positive space.  That’s behind some of my life drawings here.

Life Drawing 001

Green chalk on newsprint

My goal here in my drawings for practice were to render the subject using not only shapes but both positive and negative spaces.  I did okay with it here…though I am out of practice.  I plan to talk more about negative space in a future post.  A detailed explanation of the theories behind negative space can be found in The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Dr. Betty Edwards.

Life drawing 002

Graphite on newsprint

I intend to keep working on my drawing and eventually, I want to put out an art book with stylized drawings of the figure like above.  I’ll be sure to share more of them in the future.

Don’t hesitate to respond here with comments and thoughts on my work.  Suscribe via email and RSS too.  Until next time, be seeing you!


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