More Judy drawings

Wilkommen, friends.  Today, I have a few more sketches of my cartoon female bear belly dancer, Judy Binder.  I plan to make her the subject of an art book of pen-and-ink drawings (and perhaps a few paintings).  Shall we meet her? Judy Binder

This pretty lady here is Judy Binder, a professional belly dancer of mixed Turkish-American blood.  Her father was an American and her mom was Turkish.  Her mom taught her from a young age how to belly dance and she became one of the best.  Judy currently resides in Turkey, dancing in various clubs and at private functions.  She likes to travel though and makes occasional trips to France and Italy.  Judy’s main desire is to enjoy herself and she does that by dancing.  Even if she dances for others, she will always dance for herself.

Judy Concept 2

This is an alternate outfit for Judy.  Honestly, do you think she just walks around everywhere in her bedlah?  (FYI, that’s the name for the traditional two-piece belly dancing outfit.)  She wears a number of dresses when out and about.  Oh yes, Judy does love bubble gum too.

I have some more drawings of Judy elsewhere and I’ll get around to sharing those with you.  I plan to do more with her.  My efforts have also called for researching belly dance, gathering reference photos, and hanging around belly dance forums/blogs.

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