Smack Dab In the Middle

This week’s post features yet another project of mine.  Besides the character of Judy Binder, I have another character I’m working on for an art book.  This is a female squirrel by the name of CG (pronounced “see gee” just like the letters) and I’ve been working on a series of pen-and-ink drawings.  Let me show you what I’ve been working on here.


Smack Dab in the Middle

Smack Dab in the Middle

This piece was done with pen-and-ink on 9×12 smooth bristol.  The female in the middle is the character of CG.  The title of this piece came from a now defunct brand of gum from the 1980s called Chewels.  One of the TV commercials (you’ll probably find it on YouTube) for this product had a jingle that opened up with the line “smack dab in the middle” – it fit since the product was a gum with a liquid filled center.

Creating this was somewhat of a challenge.  I used depth cues here, rendering the unnamed male squirrel in front with a sable brush and a thin Hunt 107 nib for the squirrel in the background.  CG was sketched in with my pen of choice, a Speedball 512 nib.  Unfortunately, the 107 point and the Uniball pen I used didn’t show up well when I scanned the image.  I had to touch this up in Photoshop.

Well, this is the first of the images for my art book.  Now I just have to create enough to fill up a whole book.

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