Landscape with repoussoir

Landscape 1


This landscape that you see here, I honestly feel, is one of my stronger ones even though it’s the first real effort at landscapes.

This was done in pen-and-ink on 7×10 paper.  To be honest, what I like about it is the strong use of values here.  In the foreground, we have a very dark value employing the popular technique of repoussoir.  That’s a French term which loosely means “to push back”.  It was quite popular with Baroque era artists as well as more contemporary ones like the landscape painter Paul Cezanne (1839-1906) and James Gurney, fantasy painter and creator of Dinotopia.  I’ve used it in my comics too.  Anyway, the technique is handy for establishing spatial depth in a painting.  No matter what, you’ll definitely know what’s in front.

The stippling was done with markers, namely a Pigma Micron pen and a Pilot V-Razor Point.

I’m quite proud of this solid effort.


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