Judy Does the Mario

I got a sketch to share with all of you and it’s of Judy, my beautiful belly dancer.

Graphite and red pencil on 8.5x11 paper

There’s an interesting story behind this image. I’m very interested in belly dancers.  In fact, I’ve drawn quite a few of them.  So I’ve started hanging around belly dancing blogs to get a feel for the community.  One of the neat ones I came across was Naima’s Bellydance Blog.  She had posted up this neat video where she performs a bellydance set to the music of the vintage video game, Super Mario Brothers!

That’s pretty neat!  This prompted me to do this quick sketch here of my sweet Judy doing her own belly dance while wearing Mario’s garb.  Cool, isn’t it?


2 Responses to “Judy Does the Mario”

  1. Naima Says:

    Awesome sketch! Judy’s rocking the retro style harem pants =)

    • maxwest Says:

      Thanks for commenting, Naima.

      Judy’s style is Turkish style belly dancing – it’s one of the major styles I’ve been researching. Thank you again for featuring my sketch on your blog and keep those posts coming. I’m eager to learn more about belly dancing.

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