How I Ink A Drawing Revisited

I’ve got a few more videos here on how I ink a drawing.  Last time, I just laid down line art in black ink.  In this next video, I actually erase the pencil lines and then fill in the black areas.  I also show and briefly explain my tools and techniques.

There’s more to it.After spotting blacks and letting the ink dry, I do patterns.  You’ll want to have a good mix of white, grey, and black areas with your pen-and-ink artwork.  In a page full of blacks or a page full of greys, NOTHING will stand out.

That, my loyal readers is all that there is to inking a drawing.  That’s how I work.


One Response to “How I Ink A Drawing Revisited”

  1. Two more CG Squirrel drawings « The Art of Max West Says:

    […] next piece might look familiar.  This was the one I did in that first and second video post I did showing my inking method. Gumball Machine, 7×10 […]

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