CG in a bind and in a contest

I have two more pen-and-ink drawings to share this week.  Both of these feature my curvy squirrel pin-up girl, CG.  The first one is a rather charming drawing.

Mine's Bigger

Pen-and-ink on 8.5x11 paper

The title of this piece is “Mine’s Bigger”.  After a session where CG modeled for me, I still had some sketches to finish up.  It also happened that during my drawing session, CG had a little friend with her.  This little friend turned out to be CG’s younger cousin whom she was babysitting.  CG had a pack of bubble gum on her and when her cousin caught sight of it, he wanted a piece too.  Both squirrels started to chew bubble gum – and then with a cocky look on his face, CG’s cousin said they should see which could blow a bigger bubble.  As the two went at it, I pulled out my sketchbook and captured the moment as best I could.  Needless to say, both CG and her little cousin made many monster-sized bubbles…followed by popped gum stuck all over their faces afterwards.

Bound and gagged squirrel

This piece was done in pen-and-ink on 8.5 x 11 paper and is entitled “Bound and Gagged Squirrel”.  CG was clearly tied up at the moment when I drew this piece.  This was one of her less successful babysitting jobs.

That’s it for this post.  If you have comments or questions, don’t hesitate; post them here.  Subscribe via email or RSS feed if you haven’t already and keep watching for more neat artwork.

Until next time, friends.


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