Two more CG Squirrel drawings

I have two images here of my pinup girl, an anthropomorphic female squirrel named CG.  Most of my work is in pen-and-ink, but this first piece here is actually done in a different one.

Sleeping CG

This first piece is titled “Sleeping CG” and was done on 7×10 watercolor paper using acrylic paint and graphite.  It’s nothing special here other than the fact that it’s not done in my usual medium of pen-and-ink.  I used to use watercolor, but I haven’t anymore.  I will sometimes use washes of acrylic (which is insoluble once dry) or gouache (which reproduces well) with my finished ink work.  I might have to talk about that in a future discussion.  I really like the composition here.  Composition and line are ALWAYS important to me.

This next piece might look familiar.  This was the one I did in that first and second video post I did showing my inking method.

Gumball Machine

Gumball Machine, 7x10 in.

VOILA!  Here is the finished product – done in pen and ink on 7×10 watercolor paper.

The former painted piece will not be in my planned art book.  The latter piece will be however.  Watch for more details soon.

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