CG Poses for Us

I have a few more pieces here with CG, my squirrel pinup girl today.  First, let me explain my working process a bit.  I think up an idea and then I sketch it out.  It might take a few tries to get it right.  Sometimes, I have to consult photo reference if I want my girl in a special outfit for a specific pose.  I tend to work with my imagination and photo references.  At this time, I don’t use live female models.  But if any pretty ladies out there is interested in posing for me, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Anyway,  shall we start with something very pleasing to the eye?  I asked CG if she’d be willing to get into a bikini for me and hold that pose.  She did.

CG in a bikini

CG in a bikini, Pen-and-ink on paper, 8.5x11 paper

I’m proud of this piece.  CG looks pretty good in a retro style polka dotted bikini. Essentially, the pinup girl (which this lady is my interpretation of) is supposed to be cute and innocent but sexy at the same time.  I think CG definitely captures this feeling.  It’s also a sign of how much I improved my drafting and my anatomy.  Sometime last year, I had the honor of taking a life drawing class with painter/muralist Stephen Gaffney, who had taught me an important rule called “the law of the leg” (and this laws also applies to the arm).  Needless to say, my drawing of women greatly improved.  That alone however doesn’t mean I’m an expert.  My advice to anyone out there who wants to become an artist is to DRAW, DRAW, DRAW and take some life drawing courses.  It’s essential to draw the figure even if you plan to draw comics, landscapes, animals, etc. because if you can draw people, you can draw ANYTHING.

CG Poses

CG Poses, Pen-and-ink on paper, 8.5x11 paper


Again, CG strikes a sexy pose here, even though she’s wearing more clothing than before.  She still shows a bit of cleavage there.

I’m feeling that I did these two pieces very well.  Both of these will be in my art book.  More details on that will follow eventually.

Does any of you out there reading this also draw ladies?  Have you had experiences in life drawing classes?  Why not talk about it here?  Comments are welcome by all.

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