Sketchbook sampler: Belly dancers

I thought I’d share some sketches today from my sketchbook.  I keep a small wirebound 5.5×8.5 inch sketchbook that I use for working out rough ideas and thinking up concepts.  It’s rare for me to share the contents of my sketchbook with others (more on this in a moment).  But I thought I’d open up my private work and show you what I’ve been working on.

Belly dancer sketch 3


This piece was sketched in pencil and is an actual scan from the aforementioned sketchbook. It’s just a sketch of an anthropomorphic female cat dressed as a belly dancer.  See those instruments she holds in her hands?  Those are called finger cymbals or zills.  A number of belly dancers out there perform with these or other props like tambourines, fans, veils or even swords!


Zills (Finger Cymbals)

A sketchbook can be an interesting thing – no two are exactly alike.  Even one of the same brand, size, and materials will have very different content when a different artist uses them.  Some artists use them for finished artwork.  Some (like me) use them for ideas and thinking.  No matter what you use them for, a sketchbook is very handy.  It lets you practice your drawing, put down solid ideas, and can even make you set a daily habit of drawing.  There are many kinds out there – I recommend one that is wire-bound rather than tape-bound and a hardcover one (while costing more money) will be more durable than a paperback.  But again, this is only my opinion.  You may be more restricted by your budget as well as by your selection at retail stores.  I’ll probably chat some more about sketchbooks in a future post.

Belly dancer sketch 2


Here’s another one of my rough sketches.  These belly dance outfits were drawn from memory.  While these ladies would pass for belly dancers, the outfits are not 100% accurate.  I’m probably going to need to draw from photo reference next time.  Drawing from reference material is very handy.  But that’ll be a topic I have to discuss another day.

Anyone else out there draw?  Any belly dancers reading this?  Please comment here – I’d appreciate it.

2 Responses to “Sketchbook sampler: Belly dancers”

  1. crustabakes Says:

    I am neither a drawer nor a belly dancer, but i am definitely liking your drawings. The finger cymbals are totally appropriate for these belly dancers!

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