Sketchbook Sampler 2: Belly dancers

I have some more belly dancers up this week.  These are some more pieces from my sketchbook.  Here they are.

Belly dancer sketch 1


This blonde belly dancer wears the Turkish style bedlah (belly dancing outfit).  I usually tend to draw my women in the Turkish style outfits, which show more.  This is to make them look more visually appealing.  However, there are other styles of belly dancing where more modest clothes are worn.  I know some of the American and Tribal Fusion have a variety of outfits like full dresses, skirts, and lycra pants.

As for the Egyptian style of belly dancing, that one is more modest compared to the Turkish style.  The Egyptian style  tends to be more graceful and the costumes used in that style are often restricted.  In fact, belly dancers in Egypt are actually banned by law from exposing their midriff.

Belly dancer sketch 4


The outfit that this mustelid is based more on my imagination that actual reference.  I did base this a little on Egyptian style outfits yet this isn’t a true costume from that country – her midriff is exposed.  I did recall some outfits that I’ve seen dancers here in the state wearing.

This shows that I need to study from photo reference some more.  That can be a handy tool for drawing.  But that is a whole other post.

Any belly dancers reading this?  Any opinions on my sketches?  What sort of outfits do you wear?  Let me know here.  I welcome any comments.


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