Landscape and pyramids

I have  a few more drawings this week.  This first one is a simple landscape done with nib pens and brush.

Landscape 5

Landscape 5, Pen and ink on 7x10 paper

Very nice use of repoussoir here. This next drawing is a pencil drawing that is meant for practice.

Great Pyramids of Giza


This pencil drawing is of the Great Pyramids of Giza.  Actually, it’s a drawing I did for exercise that was copied out of the instructional book Draw 50 Buildings and Other Structures by Lee J. Ames.

Mr. Ames is the author of several titles of the Draw 50 series and these books are not only dirt cheap, but very handy for practice.  They show you step-by-step construction of cartoon characters, cars, buildings, boats, animals, and so forth.  I recommend you check out the books and practice drawing from them.  They’ll improve your work a lot.

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