Plate, jug, and cups

Another one of my still life drawings – this piece is another one from 2002, the year I started to draw on a regular basis.

Plate, jug and cups

"Plate, jug, and cups", Pencil on 8.5x11 in. paper


Bottles, Glass, and Towel

This week, I have yet another still life drawing of mine.  This was yet another exercise from the book Drawing Basic Subjects from Barron’s.

Bottles, Glass, and Towel

"Bottles, Glass, and Towel", pencil on 8.5x11 in. paper


Drawing still life subjects is VERY good practice.  It’s not that hard at all to find objects around your home to arrange in a still life.  You can use cans, bottles, jars, cups and mugs, fruit, chairs, etc.

Why not draw a few drawings of still life subjects?  It’s an effective way to practice.


Another one of my drawing exercises from the book “Draw 50 Boats” by Lee J. Ames.  Doing drawings on a regular basis can help improve your drawing skills ALOT.  After all, I did say in another post that practice makes perfect.



"Houseboat", Pencil on paper, 8.5x11 in. paper

Tugboat drawing

Nothing special here – just another practice sketch.


Mini-Tugboat, graphite on 8.5x11 in. paper

This was another exercise from the Lee J. Ames book “Draw 50 Boats, Ships, Trucks, and Trains”.  I reiterate – those books are handy for practicing.  They are a lot like exercise videos.

I have a big announcement to make…but it will have to wait until this coming Thursday.