And now…I will share one and only one more page from my experimental comics work in progress, currently in the last stages of its development.  Titled Hilda & Richie, it will involve a pair of foxes who live together in a big mansion.  Anyway, go back and read the other pages if you haven’t already.

Richie wants to have a bubble gum blowing contest with Hilda.  He has found her preparing for the local charity bazaar.  I’m not sure if bubble gum is the big thing on Hilda’s mind right now.


Ouch!  Talk about bursting somebody’s bubble!  Richie has to help Hilda with work AND has egg on his face…er, I mean, he has gum on his face.  How will this turn out?

That’s all!  You’ll have to wait until I finish the comic and make it available over on Indy Planet.  Stay tuned for more updates!


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