Hilda and Richie

Today, I thought I’d show you the cover I’ll be using for my personal comics project.  It’s nothing splashy – just an Expressionist/Fauve style cover.

Hilda and Richie

"Hilda and Richie", India ink & acrylic ink on paper, 7x10 in.

Hilda and Richie, the foxes you might remember from my comics, are the two posing in this picture.  I first laid down a rough pencil sketch, cleaned it up and tightened up the pencils.

The next step I used was to put down a wash of ink.  The colored ink you see in this painting is Daler Rowney FW Acrylic Artists Ink.  Acrylic ink, like acrylic paint, is completely insoluble once it’s dry.  Once that had completely dried, I then inked over the pencil lines with a nib pen.

Pretty neat, isn’t it?  BTW, prints of this avant-garde comics cover are available over on my DeviantArt account.


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