Hilda, Age 13

Before I post up this week’s drawing, I must apologize to all of your readers out there.  I’m sorry that I did not have a post up last week.  During then, I was in Texas and had forgotten to set up a post through the WordPress.com platform. But I digress.

Last week, I showed an image of Hilda Otejekker, my wealthy heiress, as a little girl.  How about an image of her as a teenager?


Hilda, Age 13


Another one from the sketchbook done in pencil, ink and watercolor.  This is Hilda Otejekker at the age of 13.  She’s entering her adolescence.  This should be apparent by her, um, curves starting to show.  Her hips are getting wider now.  At this age, Hilda still liked to have fun, especially listening and dancing to jazz and rockabilly music.  However, she was also taught much about money and how to manage it by her rich parents.

I’ll have another drawing up next week.

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