Hilda Poses

I thought I’d do an actual color study of Hilda Otejekker, the lady of my duo, Hilda and Richie.  So after a pencil drawing in my Moleskine watercolor book, I pulled out my Winsor Newton Cotman watercolor pocket box and went to work applying color.

Hilda Poses

“Hilda Poses”, watercolor in sketchbook


It was almost immediately that I remembered why I moved away from watercolors.  It’s a hard medium to work with and can be tricky to control.  While I used my standard watercolor pencil to do the black for Hilda’s ears, nose, and eyes, I used orange from a pan in the pocket box.  As for Hilda’s purple dress, I didn’t have a ready made pan for purple.  So it took some mixing of red and dark blue to get a proper purple down.  I came up with a few different blends in the mixing process – hence you can see that in Hilda’s purple dress.

The watercolors may be kind of messy, but it still adds a certain charm to my work.

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