Willem Claeszoon Heda

Today, rather than talk about my drawings, I’ll talk a bit about the work of someone else for a change. ¬†That person is Willem Claeszoon Heda.

What was that? ¬†You’ve never heard of him. ¬†Compared to many other famous artists out there like Leonardo Da Vinci and Rembrandt, he’s not one of the better known artists.

Willem Claeszoon Heda (1594-1680) was a Dutch artist who was best known for working exclusively in still life.  You can read more about him on Wikipedia.

His still life paintings are a sight to behold.

Breakfast with a Crab

“Breakfast with a Crab” by Willem Heda

If you’re into still life, Heda’s pieces are definitely worth studying.

He uses a wide range of ellipses in his work and check out that table cloth.  It looks quite realistic.  This is a good example to study of how to render cloth folds.


Congress Avenue Street Signs

Here’s another drawing from Austin, Texas.


Congress Avenue Street Signs



This was sketched quickly on the spot using diluted ink. ¬†This was done around 3rd Street and Congress Avenue. ¬†From there, I moved onto the grounds of the Texas State Capital…but that’s for another time.

Congress Avenue Trees

After crossing the South Congress Avenue Bridge, I came into the heart of downtown Austin, not that far from the state capital building.  Whipping out my Moleskine watercolor book and a Uniball pen, I did some quick on-the-spot sketches of trees there.

Congress Avenue Trees



Again, nothing fancy.  I just wanted to quickly capture the trees I saw.  I also wanted to move along quickly.

It wasn’t just because I had more to draw. ¬†It was because Austin, Texas was HOT with a big “H”. ¬†I was dripping with sweat as I stood there, scribbling down those trees.