Texas Capital Tree

And now, some more samples from the Moleskine watercolor sketchbook that I took to Texas a few months ago!

I wandered around the grounds of the Texas State Capital in Austin for quite some time. ¬†If you have never seen the actual capital grounds of the Lone Star State…by all means, go and see it. ¬†It’s a sight to behold. ¬†I spent quite a lot of time filling up my pages of the sketchbook there doing drawings of trees.

Capital Tree

I can’t remember if this is diluted watercolor or diluted ink. ¬† Read the rest of this entry »


Rusty Sweating

I thought that I’d share another drawing today from the Moleskine watercolor sketchbook that I took to Austin, Texas. ¬†This one though is not of the scenery.

Rusty Sweats


It’s none other than Rusty, the star of my comics series¬†Sunnyville Stories.

This was sketched with watercolor and diluted ink. ¬†Yes, there’s a reason I sketched it. ¬†Does anyone know how HOT Texas gets in the dead of the summer? ¬†Like Rusty, I was soaking with sweat.

Also, my first trade paperback, Sunnyville Stories Volume 1, is available for sale over on Indy Planet.  Why not buy a copy today?

Announcing Hilda and Richie Number 1!

I’ve got a brief announcement to make, friends.

I’m working on a comics digest that I expect to send off to the printers tomorrow…I hope. ¬†This will be titled “Hilda and Richie” number 1, will be about 16 pages, and will be digest/manga size. ¬†(FYI, that’s 5.5 by 7.5 inches.)

Some of you recall seeing these characters appearing in drawings here on my blog. ¬† Read the rest of this entry »

Blue Blood Hilda

Here’s another drawing to share with you today – this time of Hilda.


Blue Blood Hilda

“Blue Blood Hilda”, pen-and-ink on 8.5×11 inch paper


This drawing was done on¬†Aquabee artist marker paper. ¬†I found out that said paper doesn’t take big washes of ink that well.

This is one of Hilda’s many outfits. ¬†In fact, I studied photo reference ripped from online to get the idea for Hilda’s dress.

Prints of this are available on DeviantArt.

Richie in vest and bowtie

I’ve got a drawing to share here of Richie today. ¬†Let’s have a look.

Richie in vest and bowtie

“Richie in vest and bowtie”, pen and ink on 7×10 inch watercolor paper

Prints of this are available for sale over on DeviantArt.

Richie Preketzian here has a fair wardrobe full of formal wear.  This combination, a satin vest and bowtie, is one that he usually wears with a dinner jacket when he and Hilda go out for the evening.

Richie was drawn with a Speedball 513 nib, my usual pen point of choice.  I also used a 512 nib for making some of those other lines.