Announcing Hilda and Richie Number 1!

I’ve got a brief announcement to make, friends.

I’m working on a comics digest that I expect to send off to the printers tomorrow…I hope.  This will be titled “Hilda and Richie” number 1, will be about 16 pages, and will be digest/manga size.  (FYI, that’s 5.5 by 7.5 inches.)

Some of you recall seeing these characters appearing in drawings here on my blog.  

This comic of mine marks the first time I’m actually working with someone else.  A very sweet lady I met by the name of “Fauxpaw” agreed to do some artwork for these comics and as a result, she’ll be getting billing on the pages.

Hilda and Richie Dinner

Hilda and Richie cover snapshot

This artwork is probably going to be on the cover. This was drawn by Fauxpaw. She’s also drawn some artwork that’ll be inside.

It’s also fair to warn something else: this comic is going to be raunchy and will be for older readers. This is NOT a general audiences title.

I expect to have it out in October.  Stay tuned for more details.

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