Hilda Smokes

Another one of my sketches with Hilda Otejekker, rendered with ink and diluted wash.


Hilda Smokes


Hilda Lights Up

Just another drawing I did with Hilda.

Hilda Lights Up

Another drawing with diluted ink and wash.

You have nothing to worry about, readers.  Hilda is a fictitious character so she cannot get lung cancer.

Hilda usually uses a cigarette holder when she smokes.  She prefers expensive fashion cigarettes.

Hilda and Richie Number 1 now for sale!

Hilda and Richie Number 1, my experimental comics digest, is now available for sale on Indy Planet!

Hilda and Richie Number 1 Cover



It’s for sale over on Indy Planet¬†for only US$2.50 plus shipping. ¬†(If you reside in Florida, you may have to add sales tax. ¬†If you’re outside the USA, you may be responsible for taxes and duties.)

Just a warning: the content in this digest is for older readers as it can get raunchy. ¬†There’s some adult content, profanity, and use of alcohol.

Guitar Sculpture

Here’s another sketch I did while in Austin, Texas. ¬†Guitar Sculpture Congress Avenue Austin Texas


I found this while walking on Congress Avenue.  So I whipped out my Moleskine watercolor book, sketched it and added in diluted ink with watercolor.

Squirrel on Tree

Time for another sample drawing from the Moleskine sketchbook I brought to Texas – this was also drawn at the Texas State Capital grounds.

Squirrel on Tree



The grounds of the Texas State Capital were so beautiful.  There were plenty of commemorative statues and plaques as well as many trees.  Those trees were full of squirrels.  Using my pencils, I quickly fired off a sketch of a squirrel clinging to one of the trees.  The diluted grey ink was added later.

Bikini Hilda Floating

I thought I’d share another piece from my Moleskine watercolor sketchbook. ¬†This time, it’s of Hilda Otejekker and yes, it’s another bikini image.

Hilda Bikini



Hilda has a huge pool in her mansion. ¬†She and Richie use it almost everyday. ¬†Sometimes she likes to swim. ¬†Other times, Hilda likes to just recline at the side or peacefully float on the water. ¬†(Hey, who doesn’t?)

The water and Hilda’s inflatable pool mat there are diluted paint. ¬†I used Derwent brand watercolor and Inktense pencils but pressed lightly on them. ¬†The pink pool inflatable toy Hilda is reclining on? ¬†That’s actually red Inktense pencil – I just used a light pressure and water to dilute the pigment for the pinkish color. ¬†Everything else was enhanced with pencil and a Uniball pen.