More Vlad Magnus Concepts

I made a few more drawings of Vlad Magnus, the primary villain of Von Herling, Vampire Hunter.  I needed something more concrete.



For Vlad Magnus, I wanted to have a close-up sketch as well as a closer look at his powerful (and hypnotic) gaze.  To get some ideas, I studied more photos of Bela Lugosi – since Vlad is a classic movie vampire – and then worked up some ideas.  This turned out to be the best of them.  

I need to show what happens when this vampire’s desire for blood kicks in.  Thus I came up with this…




This VERY frightening concept sketch turned out much better than I expected. The source for this one was photo stills of Christopher Lee from Horror of Dracula.  The fangs along didn’t feel scary enough.  I had to show that this creature was an ungodly and unnatural aberration.  So I made the eyes reddish.

This scary creature is not one that can be defeated by any of the normal cast of the graphic novel.  Someone else will have to battle this creature of the night…


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