Be Strong In the Power of the Lord

I needed to do another concept piece to convey to others what Von Herling, Vampire Hunter would look like.  So based on the sketches I did of August Von Herling and Vlad Magnus, I decided to put together a piece to show what my work would ultimately look like.

Be Strong Pencil Drawing

Pencil drawing

This is the final pencil art done on 7×10 inch hot-press watercolor paper. From here on, I would apply diluted paint.  

Black acrylic paint tube


I used black acrylic paint, diluted it with plenty of water, and used it like watercolor.  When diluted, black paints can look more gray.  That was the effect I wanted.

Be Strong Painted 1


Be Strong Painted 2


This is how the work looked once I blocked in the gray paints.  By diluting the paint with more water, I gave it a lighter gray look – not unlike a Japanese ink painting.  Once this dried, black India ink was put in with red ink for Vlad Magnus’s eyes.

Be Strong in the Power of the Lord

The finished product turned out much better than I thought it would. Here, we have Von Herling holding Vlad at bay with a cross. Vlad was deliberately drawn to be more Expressionist and more scary than he will appear in the final comic I do.

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