Von Herling Page 2

And now, for another page of my graphic novel (currently being worked on) entitled Von Herling, Vampire Hunter.

Von Herling Vampire Hunter page 2

After an extreme closeup of the stone eagle statue, the camera pulls back to reveal the castle that the statue is located.  It’s an old, weathered castle that is called Darkland Abbey.  Since it’s abandoned and has been that way for many years, I did much in the way of hatching and cross-hatching to make the stone look worn.

As we pull back more in the bottom panel, we see the castle in the background. Since it’s further back, there wasn’t much of a need to do detailed pen work (as I had in the top panel) and just did much scribbling with a Uniball pen as opposed to my usual nibs.  And here we see young Peggy Jo Warner gazing upon that spooky castle.

I made a slight mistake with the window of the castle in the background.  I had originally made it too big.  By the time I caught the mistake, it was too late to redraw, so I had to use white acrylic paint to cover it up.


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