Von Herling, Vampire Hunter Teaser 2

There’s a second teaser trailer up on YouTube for Von Herling, Vampire Hunter.




Von Herling Early Press Release

For immediate release

For more information, contact Different Mousetrap Press LLC

Independent publisher announces vampire graphic novel

Different Mousetrap Press of North Carolina has announced a potent,
gripping graphic novel, titled Von Herling, Vampire Hunter, due for
release in spring of 2014.

Von Herling, Vampire Hunter is a pulse-pounding tale of the Gothic and
supernatural, rendered in the mesmerizing medium of pen & ink.

“Von Herling is a throwback to the time-honored Gothic horror
tradition,” the publisher said in its official statement, “We want to
move away from postmodern depictions of vampires as tragic and

In this stunning tale, the precocious August Von Herling arrives in
the town of Richten in Eastern Tennessee.  He’s hot on the trail of
the vampire, Vlad Magnus.  Can the sophisticated Von Herling save the
town and the whole Southeastern United States from this unholy terror?

Von Herling is being written and illustrated by the trailblazing
creator, Max West.  A resident of Greensboro, North Carolina, Mr. West
is renowned for his cutting-edge comics series, Sunnyville Stories,
and has garnered attention from the admired Library Journal.  The
Library Journal describes Mr. West’s creation as having “clean artwork
and an idyllic story line.”

Von Herling, Vampire Hunter is set for nationwide release in spring
2014.  It will be offered through select retailers and wholesale
through the dependable Brodart Company of Williamsport, Pennsylvania.
Early artwork and sample pages have met with a spectacular response.
Different Mousetrap Press has speculated that there may be future Von
Herling adventures.

Caricatures on Fiverr!

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Rusty in Canoe

Just a drawing of a character from Sunnyville Stories and it’s none other than Rusty Duncan, the star of the series.


Rusty in canoe

Von Herling Page 3

Von Herling, Vampire Hunter page 3

Another page to Von Herling, Vampire Hunter.

We pull our viewpoint far back enough to concentrate on the lovely young Peggy Jo Warner, who is very much unnerved by that castle in the background.

The girls’ names BTW are (left to right) Nicole, Shaunda, Brittany, and Peggy Jo.

Working with pen and ink on this page was quite fun.

Now taking private commissions!

Your attention please, your attention please!  I have a brief announcement to make.

As of this date of 1/30/2012, I am now accepting private art commissions.

My rates depend.  It all depends on what it is you want, how complicated the commission is, the time and resources necessary, and whether it’s in color.  Shipping and handling costs may also apply.

If you want color work done, that will cost more money.

If you are a resident of the state of North Carolina, you will have to add the applicable sales taxes (it will differ from county to county).

Anyone who is interested in a private art commission from me may contact me at my email, maxwestart@gmail.com

CAVEAT: I do reserve the right to refuse any commissions that may deal with certain taboo subject matter and that may violate the law.