Von Herling Page 4

I apologize for not posting up here lately.  I’ve been very busy with my work as a self-employed freelancer.

Today, I’m going to share with you another page of Von Herling, Vampire Hunter.  At the time of this writing, 69 pages worth of art have been finished so I’m at least halfway through the pencils.  Only 8 out of 120 pages though have been inked.  As it currently stands, the book is on schedule for its spring 2014 release.  But anyway, let’s get on with our story.


Von Herling page 4


Last time, Peggy Jo Warner, a shy young vixen living in the Eastern Tennessee town of Richten, was gazing upon the abandoned keep known as Darkland Abbey.

Nicole (the squirrel) and Shaunda (the rabbit) are quick to laugh at her.  But Brittany Parsons stands up for Peggy Jo and reassures her that there’s nothing to worry about.

I’m particularly proud of Brittany’s words down in the lower right panel.  “Emptier than a Yankee’s head” definitely establishes that this story is set in the Southern USA.  You can tell much about a person by how they speak.  Keep that in mind when writing your characters.


Inking the Book Cover, part 1

Picking up from the last video, I started inking the cover to my next book (Sunnyville Stories Volume 2) which will be out next year.




Laying down an acrylic wash

Picking up from where we left off last time…once the wash is prepared…