Von Herling Inking Commences

Now that the pencils to Von Herling have been finished, I’m going straight to the inking.

Von Herling pages to be inked

That stack of bristol board you see? That’s over 100 pages that have to be inked. Luckily, a few pages of art were completed entirely on the computer (thanks to the wonders of Photoshop) so that cuts down a bit on the work.

Making comics is NOT easy work.  The pencils were the easy part.  Now I have to go over everything in ink to make it look presentable to all of you out there (my readers, my wholesaler, potential retailers, etc).

Stay tuned to this blog for more details as I progress on Von Herling.


Von Herling pencils almost done!

Just a quick update – the pencils for Von Herling are nearly finished. I’m working on the final confrontation right now!

That’s just the easy part. I have to go back over those pages and ink them.

Stay tuned for more info!

Now on Etsy!

I’m now on Etsy!  I’ve just opened up an Etsy store where you can purchase original artwork of mine.

Check back from time to time; I’ll be updating it.

Von Herling pencil art to be complete soon

Status report on my graphic novel: The pencils for Von Herling Vampire Hunter are expected to be completed by no later than June 1st. The book will be completely finished and sent to the printers no later than October 31st.

At this time, 93 pages out of 120 have been pencilled. Only 8 of those pages are completely inked and finished.

I’ll keep you posted on the blog with more news as it develops.

Von Herling Page 5

Another page from Von Herling, Vampire Hunter…

Von Herling Page 5

Von Herling Status, Fiverr, and Elance

A few updates…first, the pencils for Von Herling, Vampire Hunter are two thirds completed.  I’ve pencilled a total of 80 pages out of 120.  Of course, I then have to go back and ink them all.  At present, it remains on schedule for its March 2014 release.

Second, I’m still got my gig on Fiverr going.  For only US$5, I’ll do a caricature of you.

Third, I’m now on ELance.  If you’re looking for freelancers for artwork, I hope you’ll consider me for your project.