Von Herling, Vampire Hunter Official Trailer

The official trailer for Von Herling, Vampire Hunter is now available!



Look for it in March 2014!



Von Herling Page 6

I’ve been very busy lately with my freelancing and my own work. ┬áVon Herling continues to get inked and I have just under 100 pages of art to complete by October 31st.

So anyway, how about another page?

Von Herling, Vampire Hunter page 6


So it happens that Brittany’s family is having a big party at their house. ┬áThat sets things in motion for the key characters to be introduced – that is, the villain and our hero, August Von Herling.

The Von Herling inks have been very demanding.  Unlike Sunnyville Stories, I need to use more pen strokes and employ more hatching and cross-hatching.  These pages will take some time to finish.  My goal is to have all the art finished and the book put to bed by October 31.