Von Herling Page 44

Now it’s time for some more pages from Von Herling, Vampire Hunter.

Von Herling Page 44

This is from well into the story. What has happened is that Brittany Mary Parsons is very sick. Why? She is apparently suffering from blood loss. Nobody seems to respect the real cause of why Brittany is losing blood…

There’ll be more pages up next week.


Late Night 2

Another sample page from Von Herling, Vampire Hunter…as you remember, Peggy Jo Warner was sleeping in bed.

Peggy Jo late at night

Peggy Jo suddenly stirs from her sleep. Something is not right here. She can feel that something just isn’t feeling right. Curious, Peggy Jo gets out of bed and walks over to her window to investigate.

There’s a strange mist floating over the deep black night sky. What could it be?

I’m quite proud of the crisp, definited dark areas I put here. It definitely reinforces this world of Gothic horror. I’ll have more pages up next time.