Von Herling News

I have some announcements to make and it regards some of the forthcoming releases from Different Mousetrap Press.

First, Von Herling, Vampire Hunter is in its final stages. I’m around page 102 of 120 pages total of art. The book remains on schedule to be sent to the printers on October 31st (if not sooner) and will meet its release date of March 1, 2014!

I’d also like to announce that there will be a sequel starring August Von Herling. It will be titled Von Herling Faces Death and is scheduled for release on May 26, 2014 for the Amazon Kindle. I hope to put out a print version sometime in 2015.

This sequel is more condensed, but will be more action-packed. Von Herling will be facing off with a vampire in an abandoned cemetery in central Alabama. That’s all I will reveal for now.

Stay tuned for more news. I’ll keep you posted on further developments!

For more information and for ordering, please write to:

Different Mousetrap Press LLC
PO Box 1321
Greensboro, NC 27402

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