Von Herling to return!

Hello, my friends.  It’s been eons since I’ve updated this blog.

I have some announcements to make.  First, most of the action is on my primary blog of Sunnyville Stories so anyone wanting to see what I’m up to should check that blog out.

Second, I’m planning a new book starring my vampire hunter August Von Herling.  His debut title Von Herling, Vampire Hunter (ISBN 9780989069618) is still for sale on Amazon.  (Newer editions of the book will be printed in the future.)  While you’re at it, be sure to check out my other titles like Sunnyville Stories Volume 1Sunnyville Stories Volume 2 and Sunnyville Stories Volume 3.

Anyway, the working title of this book will be “Von Herling Returns”.  It will be an anthology consisting of about three stories and maybe more with a framing device connecting the various stories.  The book will be initially released in digital format, both for Kindle on Amazon and in PDF to be sold on DriveThru Comics.  A print edition may eventually follow.  We’ll keep you posted.

I will be giving periodic updates via this blog to report on my progress as well as to share sketches, concept art, character sketches and other material.  So stay tuned.  This blog is back in business and there will be more of August Von Herling in the future!  


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