Bad news and good news

I have some good news and some bad news for everyone.

First, we’ll do the bad news.  My anthology sequel to Von Herling, Vampire Hunter will be delayed significantly.  I will not be resuming work on it for quite sometime and it may not be ready until 2017.  Why is this?  I’m busy right now with Sunnyville Stories and must do significant work to not only promote & sell it – I aim to get the fourth volume out by the summer of 2017.  For that, I have to stop work on everything else.  I’m sad that I can’t develop the other ideas I’ve had but Sunnyville is very important to me.  For more news and updates regarding the saga of Sunnyville, tune into my primary blog.

Now for the good news…this blog will not be simply tossed aside.  I intend to continue posting drawings here.  Some of my detractors have viciously attacked me for being lousy at drawing.  To an extent, they have a point.  In spite of how much better I’ve gotten at drawing, there’s still so much more than I’m capable of doing.  I aim to keep working on basic drawing skills.  While there are life drawing classes offered nearby for cheap (I plan to check those out), my aim is to start posting up still life drawings here.  I have several instructional books on these and I intend to start reviewing them for information.  Plus I will draw some of the still life exercises inside – fruit, candles, glass bottles, buildings, boats, cars, etc.

Stay tuned to this blog for more drawings.  My drawing will just keep getting better and better.


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