CG Poses for Us

I have a few more pieces here with CG, my squirrel pinup girl today.  First, let me explain my working process a bit.  I think up an idea and then I sketch it out.  It might take a few tries to get it right.  Sometimes, I have to consult photo reference if I want my girl in a special outfit for a specific pose.  I tend to work with my imagination and photo references.  At this time, I don’t use live female models.  But if any pretty ladies out there is interested in posing for me, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Anyway,  shall we start with something very pleasing to the eye?  I asked CG if she’d be willing to get into a bikini for me and hold that pose.  She did.

CG in a bikini

CG in a bikini, Pen-and-ink on paper, 8.5x11 paper

I’m proud of this piece.  CG looks pretty good in a retro style polka dotted bikini. Read the rest of this entry »


Two more CG Squirrel drawings

I have two images here of my pinup girl, an anthropomorphic female squirrel named CG.  Most of my work is in pen-and-ink, but this first piece here is actually done in a different one.

Sleeping CG

This first piece is titled “Sleeping CG” and was done on 7×10 watercolor paper using acrylic paint and graphite.  It’s nothing special here other than the fact that it’s not done in my usual medium of pen-and-ink.  I used to use watercolor, but I haven’t anymore.  I will sometimes use washes of acrylic (which is insoluble once dry) or gouache (which reproduces well) with my finished ink work.  I might have to talk about that in a future discussion.  I really like the composition here.  Composition and line are ALWAYS important to me. Read the rest of this entry »

CG in a bind and in a contest

I have two more pen-and-ink drawings to share this week.  Both of these feature my curvy squirrel pin-up girl, CG.  The first one is a rather charming drawing.

Mine's Bigger

Pen-and-ink on 8.5x11 paper

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How I Ink A Drawing Revisited

I’ve got a few more videos here on how I ink a drawing.  Last time, I just laid down line art in black ink.  In this next video, I actually erase the pencil lines and then fill in the black areas.  I also show and briefly explain my tools and techniques.

There’s more to it. Read the rest of this entry »

How I Ink a Drawing

Here I have two videos I made on my YouTube channel.  I’m doing an inked drawing of my curvy pin-up squirrel girl, CG.

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Smack Dab In the Middle

This week’s post features yet another project of mine.  Besides the character of Judy Binder, I have another character I’m working on for an art book.  This is a female squirrel by the name of CG (pronounced “see gee” just like the letters) and I’ve been working on a series of pen-and-ink drawings.  Let me show you what I’ve been working on here.


Smack Dab in the Middle

Smack Dab in the Middle

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