Proper Lady

A gag cartoon with Hilda & Richie


Proper Lady

Just a simple pen drawing done on bristol paper.

Hilda and Richie are having a argument, yet Hilda’s reluctant to use any profanity.

I plan to do a short work for Kindle starring Hilda & Richie. Stay tuned for more info.


Late Night 2

Another sample page from¬†Von Herling, Vampire Hunter…as you remember, Peggy Jo Warner was sleeping in bed.

Peggy Jo late at night

Peggy Jo suddenly stirs from her sleep. Something is not right here. She can feel that something just isn’t feeling right. Curious, Peggy Jo gets out of bed and walks over to her window to investigate.

There’s a strange mist floating over the deep black night sky. What could it be?

I’m quite proud of the crisp, definited dark areas I put here. It definitely reinforces this world of Gothic horror. I’ll have more pages up next time.

Late Night 1

Here’s another sample page from Von Herling, Vampire Hunter.

Peggy Jo Asleep at Night

It’s late at night and Peggy Jo Warner is fast asleep. Little does she know that her slumber is about to be disturbed. Thus we delve further into this work of Gothic horror.

This was drawn with thick lines courtesy of a Speedball A5 nib.

Von Herling Page 2

And now, for another page of my graphic novel (currently being worked on) entitled Von Herling, Vampire Hunter.

Von Herling Vampire Hunter page 2

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Peggy Jo Warner

I’ve introduced you to both our protagonist, August Von Herling, and our antagonist, Vlad Magnus. ¬†Now it’s time to meet our deuteragonist, the lovely waif Peggy Jo Warner.

Peggy Jo Warner

Peggy Jo Warner is essentially the equivalent of Mina Harker from Bram Stoker’s Dracula. ¬†She’s a young lady of fourteen (two years younger than Von Herling) who has lived all her life in Richten, Tennessee. ¬†She’s best friends with Brittany Mary Parsons, the most popular girl in school (we’ll meet her in a future post).

She’s very shy and silent, yet can be incredibly resilient to everyone’s surprise.

Hilda’s Evening Gown

Hilda has closets full of various dresses.  Among them are formal wear for when she goes out or is at a fancy ball.

Hilda's Evening Gown



Again, diluted watercolor really comes in handy.  Depending on how you dilute it, you can get all kinds of neat effects.  This drawing of mine from the Moleskine book reminds me of a Japanese ink painting.

Hilda Smokes

Another one of my sketches with Hilda Otejekker, rendered with ink and diluted wash.


Hilda Smokes