Von Herling Update December 2, 2015

Work is slow but steady on the Von Herling sequel.  I’ll have more news to share next week.  I do want to remind you that copies of the first adventure with August Von Herling is available on Amazon, both in print and in Kindle format, as well as Indyplanet.

If you are a retailer who wants to carry Von Herling, Vampire Hunter (ISBN 9780989069618), the title is available through Ingram and Baker & Taylor through BCH Distribution of New York.  If you are a library interested in adding this title to your collection, it is available through Brodart Company.

As a reminder, the planned sequel will be release in digital format initially.  A print copy may be released in the future.


Plenty of Von Herling copies available!

I have an announcement and it’s regarding my graphic novel Von Herling, Vampire Hunter (ISBN 9780989069618).

You still don’t have your copy of it yet?  Well, Amazon has a ton of copies for sale both on its main site and through its market place.  While the suggested retail price is US$16.99, it’s being sold at excellent prices so you can get a good deal on my tale of Southern Gothic!  Be sure to get your copy today!