Sorcerer and Demon


This was a pencil drawing I did in a sketchbook one Halloween.  I forgot about it for quite sometime.  Quite fitting for a Halloween drawing, isn’t it?


sorcerer and demon


An Artist Emerges

Good evening, friends.  I would call everyone out there “ladies and gentlemen” but you know what you are.

My actual legal name is my own business.  You can call me Max West.  I’m a freelance artist living in New York.  I still work a day job at this time, but I hope someday to become a full-time professional visual artist.  I am already working on an independent comics series which has its own blog.  You can check that out if you wish, but this newer blog is not dedicated to my comics.  It’s meant for something else.  So what is it I plan to do?  I have idea for other comics and also trying my hand at some illustration.  It will be of a fantastic nature – one filled with wonder and will make you ponder if it actually does exist.

This blog will get periodical updates but will not see regular ones until I choose to make it so.  I hope to execute at least part of my secret art project sometime in the coming year of 2011.

I have much to do until then.  I have to work on my comics, build up a network and market myself, and improve my skills.  I cannot succeed at any art – fantastic art, comics, illustration, etc. – until I hone my skills.  That will be my challenge for the coming year.  I’ll be learning linear perspective and color theory in depth.

So wish me luck and stay tuned to this blog.  Big things will happen.