Get Von Herling, Vampire Hunter for Christmas!

Tell me…are you a horror fan?  Do you know someone who is into horror?

If that’s the case, then I’ve got a superb Christmas present to offer and that is my graphic novel Von Herling, Vampire Hunter!

Von Herling page 45

Von Herling, Vampire Hunter page 45

In the tradition of the original novel by Bram Stoker of Dracula and the acclaimed Hammer Films of England, Von Herling is a superior horror comic on par with the Walking Dead, Vampirella, Hellboy and the Tomb of Dracula.

Set in the remote village of Richten in Eastern Tennessee, a locale combining the elements of the South with Transylvania, a youth named August Von Herling has arrived in town.  But this outsider is here on business – he has tracked a sinister vampire here, Vlad Magnus.  Can Von Herling destroy this unholy scourge before it’s too late?

Von Herling, Vampire Hunter page 84

Von Herling, Vampire Hunter page 84

Created by Max West and published by Different Mousetrap Press LLC, Von Herling’s gripping Gothic adventure has won critical acclaim!

Author Max West is a connoisseur of classic horror movies and novels, in which vampires were a menace to be rightfully feared, and it shows in this excellent tale of suspense. – Midwest Book Review

Von Herling is a classic vampire tale that sports thrills and chills all the while being acted out through anthropomorphic animals done is Max’s patented style. – A.P. Fuchs, Independent Author

Von Herling, Vampire Hunter (ISBN 9780989069618) is available for sale at Amazon in both trade paperback and in Amazon Kindle format.  Any retailers wanting to carry this book should contact Ingram or Baker & Taylor.

Well, what are you waiting for?  Christmas is almost here so go get your copy of Von Herling today!


Von Herling, Vampire Hunter Now Available!

Ladies and gentlemen, Von Herling, Vampire Hunter has officially been released for sale!

Look for it wherever books are sold. If you are a vendor interested in carrying it, the book is available from Ingram and Baker & Taylor. If you represent a library interested in carrying the book, it is available through Brodart Company.

Von Herling, Vampire Hunter by Max West

Published by Different Mousetrap Press LLC, ISBN 9780989069618, Library of Congress Control Number 2013946269, 144 pages

CAVEAT: Von Herling contains material that may not be suitable for younger readers. Parental discretion is advised.

Von Herling Page 44

Now it’s time for some more pages from Von Herling, Vampire Hunter.

Von Herling Page 44

This is from well into the story. What has happened is that Brittany Mary Parsons is very sick. Why? She is apparently suffering from blood loss. Nobody seems to respect the real cause of why Brittany is losing blood…

There’ll be more pages up next week.

Late Night 2

Another sample page from Von Herling, Vampire Hunter…as you remember, Peggy Jo Warner was sleeping in bed.

Peggy Jo late at night

Peggy Jo suddenly stirs from her sleep. Something is not right here. She can feel that something just isn’t feeling right. Curious, Peggy Jo gets out of bed and walks over to her window to investigate.

There’s a strange mist floating over the deep black night sky. What could it be?

I’m quite proud of the crisp, definited dark areas I put here. It definitely reinforces this world of Gothic horror. I’ll have more pages up next time.

Late Night 1

Here’s another sample page from Von Herling, Vampire Hunter.

Peggy Jo Asleep at Night

It’s late at night and Peggy Jo Warner is fast asleep. Little does she know that her slumber is about to be disturbed. Thus we delve further into this work of Gothic horror.

This was drawn with thick lines courtesy of a Speedball A5 nib.

Von Herling, Vampire Hunter Official Trailer

The official trailer for Von Herling, Vampire Hunter is now available!



Look for it in March 2014!


Von Herling pencil art to be complete soon

Status report on my graphic novel: The pencils for Von Herling Vampire Hunter are expected to be completed by no later than June 1st. The book will be completely finished and sent to the printers no later than October 31st.

At this time, 93 pages out of 120 have been pencilled. Only 8 of those pages are completely inked and finished.

I’ll keep you posted on the blog with more news as it develops.