Inspirational Scrapbook

I have a video to share with you today.  One of the ways you can get inspiration for your drawings (i.e. illustrations, paintings, comics, and so on) is to put together an inspirational scrapbook.

You’ll need a scrapbook, which you can buy at many arts and crafts stores, or you can do what I did and make one of your own with a binder and some loose leaf notebook paper. ¬†Collect clippings from newspapers, photos, pictures from books or magazines, packaging, wrappers, and so on. ¬†Using tape or glue, attach those items to your scrapbook pages.

How exactly can this help to inspire you?  When you need an idea or are looking for inspiration, flip through the pages of your inspirational scrapbook.  Who knows?  You might find something that jumpstarts an idea!