Von Herling Page 45

Well, I have another page of Von Herling, Vampire Hunter to share with you today!

Von Herling page 45

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Late Night 2

Another sample page from¬†Von Herling, Vampire Hunter…as you remember, Peggy Jo Warner was sleeping in bed.

Peggy Jo late at night

Peggy Jo suddenly stirs from her sleep. Something is not right here. She can feel that something just isn’t feeling right. Curious, Peggy Jo gets out of bed and walks over to her window to investigate.

There’s a strange mist floating over the deep black night sky. What could it be?

I’m quite proud of the crisp, definited dark areas I put here. It definitely reinforces this world of Gothic horror. I’ll have more pages up next time.

Late Night 1

Here’s another sample page from Von Herling, Vampire Hunter.

Peggy Jo Asleep at Night

It’s late at night and Peggy Jo Warner is fast asleep. Little does she know that her slumber is about to be disturbed. Thus we delve further into this work of Gothic horror.

This was drawn with thick lines courtesy of a Speedball A5 nib.

Von Herling Inking Commences

Now that the pencils to Von Herling have been finished, I’m going straight to the inking.

Von Herling pages to be inked

That stack of bristol board you see? That’s over 100 pages that have to be inked. Luckily, a few pages of art were completed entirely on the computer (thanks to the wonders of Photoshop) so that cuts down a bit on the work.

Making comics is NOT easy work.  The pencils were the easy part.  Now I have to go over everything in ink to make it look presentable to all of you out there (my readers, my wholesaler, potential retailers, etc).

Stay tuned to this blog for more details as I progress on Von Herling.

Von Herling Page 5

Another page from¬†Von Herling, Vampire Hunter…

Von Herling Page 5

With Stake and Cross

This is one of the pieces of artwork I created to promote Von Herling, Vampire Hunter and to include within the book itself.

With Stake and Cross

“With Stake and Cross”, Pen-and-ink on 11×14 in. watercolor paper

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Von Herling Page 3

Von Herling, Vampire Hunter page 3

Another page to Von Herling, Vampire Hunter.

We pull our viewpoint far back enough to concentrate on the lovely young Peggy Jo Warner, who is very much unnerved by that castle in the background.

The girls’ names BTW are (left to right) Nicole, Shaunda, Brittany, and Peggy Jo.

Working with pen and ink on this page was quite fun.