Sunnyville Stories Volume 2 Official Press Release

For immediate release

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Publisher Readies Second Volume of Acclaimed Comics Series

Different Mousetrap Press LLC has announced that the top-rated comics anthology Sunnyville Stories Volume 2 is scheduled for a general release in March 2014.

Sunnyville Stories is a creator-owned comics series in the vanguard of alternative comics. It tells the saga of a charming village called Sunnyville, inhabited by anthropomorphic animals dressed in old-fashioned clothing. The series itself revolves around two energetic teenage cats, Rusty Duncan and Samantha “Sam” Macgregor, who have all sorts of adventures.

In this stunning 200-page trade paperback, the famous creator Max West continues to unveil his stunningly complex universe of Sunnyville to loyal readers everywhere. Picking up from where the first beguiling volume left off, Rusty and Sam have even more imaginative adventures where they resolve a family dispute, meet three newly arrived brothers, attend a community dance, and put on a play for the entire town.

The first volume of Sunnyville, already available, has met with excited reviews from the press and the publishing industry. The Midwest Book Review says Sunnyville Stories is “destined to become a mainstream hit” and even compared Mr. West’s work to the renowned Walt Kelly, creator of newspaper comic strip Pogo. The Library Journal praised Mr. West’s work even more, citing Sunnyville as having “clean artwork and an idyllic story line.”

Sunnyville Stories Volume 2 will retail for US$19.99 and will be available for sale through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, and other booksellers. The book will also be available wholesale through Ingram and Baker & Taylor as well as to the library trade via Brodart Company and Alibris.

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Been busy lately

I have to apologize for not doing any posts recently here.

No, I haven’t abandoned this secondary blog of mine.  If you want regular updates (Wednesdays and Saturdays), check out my primary blog at

I’m presently working on episode 8 of Sunnyville Stories as well as not one, but TWO books – Sunnyville Stories Volume 2 and my original graphic novel, Von Herling Vampire Hunter.

Von Herling is roughly a third of the way completed.  I’ve pencilled several pages but have not yet reached the halfway point.  There’s still the inking to do.

Stay tuned to this blog.  I’ll have more updates on my work soon enough.