Von Herling Concept Sketch 2

Von Herling concept sketch 2

This is another concept sketch for the character of August Von Herling.

This was done in my Moleskine watercolor book with a combination of pencil, watercolor, and gray wash.

There’ll be another picture up next week and we’ll learn more about the star of my graphic novel.


Hilda’s Evening Gown

Hilda has closets full of various dresses.  Among them are formal wear for when she goes out or is at a fancy ball.

Hilda's Evening Gown



Again, diluted watercolor really comes in handy.  Depending on how you dilute it, you can get all kinds of neat effects.  This drawing of mine from the Moleskine book reminds me of a Japanese ink painting.

Guitar Sculpture

Here’s another sketch I did while in Austin, Texas.  Guitar Sculpture Congress Avenue Austin Texas


I found this while walking on Congress Avenue.  So I whipped out my Moleskine watercolor book, sketched it and added in diluted ink with watercolor.

Bikini Hilda Floating

I thought I’d share another piece from my Moleskine watercolor sketchbook.  This time, it’s of Hilda Otejekker and yes, it’s another bikini image.

Hilda Bikini



Hilda has a huge pool in her mansion.  She and Richie use it almost everyday.  Sometimes she likes to swim.  Other times, Hilda likes to just recline at the side or peacefully float on the water.  (Hey, who doesn’t?)

The water and Hilda’s inflatable pool mat there are diluted paint.  I used Derwent brand watercolor and Inktense pencils but pressed lightly on them.  The pink pool inflatable toy Hilda is reclining on?  That’s actually red Inktense pencil – I just used a light pressure and water to dilute the pigment for the pinkish color.  Everything else was enhanced with pencil and a Uniball pen.

Texas Capital Tree

And now, some more samples from the Moleskine watercolor sketchbook that I took to Texas a few months ago!

I wandered around the grounds of the Texas State Capital in Austin for quite some time.  If you have never seen the actual capital grounds of the Lone Star State…by all means, go and see it.  It’s a sight to behold.  I spent quite a lot of time filling up my pages of the sketchbook there doing drawings of trees.

Capital Tree

I can’t remember if this is diluted watercolor or diluted ink.   Read the rest of this entry »

Rusty Sweating

I thought that I’d share another drawing today from the Moleskine watercolor sketchbook that I took to Austin, Texas.  This one though is not of the scenery.

Rusty Sweats


It’s none other than Rusty, the star of my comics series Sunnyville Stories.

This was sketched with watercolor and diluted ink.  Yes, there’s a reason I sketched it.  Does anyone know how HOT Texas gets in the dead of the summer?  Like Rusty, I was soaking with sweat.

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Bridge from South Congress Avenue

The very first sketch I did when I went to Austin, Texas.


Bridge from South Congress Avenue



This quick sketch was done with a Uniball pen from the bridge on South Congress Avenue.  Watercolors (the colors you see here) were added in soon after.